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Product Introduction


DANFIX-MM is a two-pack rubbing fastness improver for the dying fabrics treated by cationic fixing agent. This can be used in both of dipping and continuous processes.

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Product name Appearance Composition Ionic character pH
Danfix -MM11 Milky white viscous liquid Special polymer compounds Anionic About 7 Easily soluble
Danfix -MM12 Milky white liquid Special Denatured Silicone Non-ionic About 7 Easily soluble


  • Please use in the following order: (1) Dyeing → (2) Cationic fixing treatment → (3) Water washing → (4) DANFIX-MM treatment.
    * It has no effect when using in the same bath with the fixing agent
  • Before processing with DANFIX-MM, please make sure to process the materials with cationic fixing agent and rinse them in water thoroughly.
  • Please use DANFIX-MM11 and DANFIX-MM12 together.
  • *Please use our products after checking the use conditions with preliminary tests.
  • Please contact us for more information.

»Common usage

  • Allylamine polymer PAA
  • Polyamine series PAS
  • PAA ampholytic and PAS ampholytic