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Product Introduction

Common usage of Rubbing Fastness improver

  1. Adjust DANFIX-MM processing solution in the prescribed concentration.
  2. Process with fixing agent (must) and wash in water (must) before processing with DANFIX-MM
  3. Process dyed materials with DANFIX-MM processing solution by “dipping method" or "continuous method".
  4. Dry after dewatering.
Common usage
Dipping method

After processing with fixing agent (must) and washing in water (must), make the liquid mixture wiht DANFIX-MM11 (4 to 8% owf) and DANFIX-MM12 (0.2 to 0.8% owf). Dewater and dry after processing at room temperature for 10 to 20 minutes. (No heat treatment is required.)

: Room temperature
: 15 minutes
Amount used
  • : DANFIX-MM11 4.0%owf
  • : DANFIX-MM12 0.4%owf
Continuous method

After processing the fixing agent (must) and washing in water, dip the materials in the liquid mixture with DANFIX-MM 11 (20 to 60 g/L) and DANFIX™-MM12 (1 to 6 g/L), then wring and dry. (No heat treatment is required.)

  • *Before processing with DANFIX-MM11 and MM12, make sure to process the dyeing materials with the fixing agent and wash them in water.
  • *DANFIX-MM11 and MM12 cannot be used in the same bathe with fixing agent in both case of dipping method and continuous method.
  • *Please use our products after checking the use conditions with preliminary tests.
  • *Please contact us for more information.
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