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DANSHADE-185 is widely used as a cationizing agent for cellulosic fibers. DANSHADE-185 can cationize the fibers with heat treatment under the alkaline condition and extremely improve the dying performance with reactive dyes, acidic dyes, direct dyes, etc. DANSHADE-185 can be applied to deep-color dyeing, contrast dyeing, multicolor dyeing, and special printings.

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Product name Appearance Composition Ionic character pH
DANSHADE-185 Pale yellow liquid Special polymer compounds Cationic About 2.5 Easily soluble

  • Cellulose fiber: can dye in deep color with anionic dye after cationizing with heat treatment under alkaline conditions.
  • Wool, acrylic fiber: unnecessary to add the alkaline since these have anionic group originally.
  • Dyeing method: please follow the general dyeing methods, but please exercise caution because the dyeing speed is faster and easy to dye in deep color with DANSHADE-185.
  • In the case of printing or padding treatment, please thoroughly wash with hot water before dyeing.
  • DANSHADE-185 has little effect for disperse dyes or pigments, and degrade the dyeing performance of cationic dyes.
  • *Please use our products after checking the use conditions with preliminary tests.
  • Please contact us for more information.
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