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Processing aids for textile products

Dye-fixing agent

Dye fixing agent chemically bond with unfixed excess dye on fabrics. These prevent the loss of color on fabrics due to washing by insolubilizing the dye.

Dye fixing agent "DANFIX Series" extremely improve the various fastness for dyeing cellulosic fibers with reactive dyes and direct dyes and are used in dye processing factories all around the world.

  1. Excellent in improving washing, chlorine water, and rubbing fastness.
  2. Little degradation in fastness to sunlight.
  3. Little degradation in a fabric texture and color phase
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Rubbing fastness improver

DANFIX-MM is a two-pack rubbing fastness improver for the dying fabrics treated by cationic fixing agent. This can be used in both of dipping and continuous processes.

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Deep-coloring agent

This agent improves the dye performance of reactive, direct, and acidic dyes for natural fiber dying process. This is applied to deep dyeing, contrast dyeing, and special printing.

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Cationizing agent

PAAand PAS are cationic polymers that can cationize the surface of textile and other fiber products. They are effective in fixing especially anionic functional chemicals on fibers.

  1. PAA especially has a high cationic density and is highly effective at small amount.
  2. Except for fixing anionic chemicals on fibers, PAA™ and PAS can give additional functionality, such as antibacterial and antistatic properties on them.
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  • Allylamine polymer PAA
  • Polyamine series PAS
  • PAA ampholytic and PAS ampholytic