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Material for papermaking chemicals

Sizing agents

Cationic polymers are important chemicals in papermaking. PAS series are especially superior as a sizing agent in neutral papermaking

  1. Show superior sizing effect at low doses
  2. Improve the stability and retention of emulsion.
  3. Excellent durability of effect.
Recommended items
  • PAS(PAS-H-10L PAS-J-81)
Paper strengthening agents

Our PAS series are applied as raw material for wet paper strengthening agents that are effective in reducing loss in paper strength and improving dimensional stability when paper is wet.

Recommended items
Various papermaking chemicals

PAA™ and PAS have various applications in the papermaking field.

  • Yield improving agent for Direct dye
  • Color -deepening agents for colored paper
  • Filterability improving agents for pulp slurry
Recommended items
  • Allylamine polymer PAA
  • Polyamine series PAS
  • PAA ampholytic and PAS ampholytic