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Auxiliary agents for metal processing

Auxiliary agents for Electrolytic plating

Water-soluble cationic polymer “PAS seires” have been exclusively used as a metal-surface-leveling agent among the metal processing companies due to the high affinity with metal-plated substrates.

  1. Higher leveling property.
  2. Excellent covering power.
  3. Excellent macro throwing power (homogeneous electrodeposition).
Recommended items
Acid corrosion inhibitors

[1] Acid wash inhibitors

PAS series show an excellent effect as an acid corrosion inhibitor at the process to remove the rust and others in an acid bath (using hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc), called a pickling.

  1. Extremely stable in an acid bath.
  2. Control excessive corrosion.
Recommended items
  • PAS(PAS-92 PAS-92A)

[2] Cleaning inhibitors

Used PAS in acid cleaning (hydrochloric or sulfuric acid) for piping equipments, it can control excessive corrosion.

Recommended items
  • PAS(PAS-92 PAS-92A)
Additive agents for metal cutting oil

PAA and PAS have been used as an additive agent for metal cutting oils (acid type) so many years.

  1. Excellent finishing of cutting-surface.
  2. Improve the life of cutting machine’s blade.
  3. Control the corrosion of cutting machines and cutting materials.
Recommended items
  • Allylamine polymer PAA
  • Polyamine series PAS
  • PAA ampholytic and PAS ampholytic