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Auxiliary agents for inkjet printing

Ink fixing agents/water-resistant additives

Cationic polymers are applied to enhance the ink fixity to base materials by interacting with the ink.

Our PAA™/PAS show the excellent performance as the ink fixing agents and water-resistant additives with these higher cation density.

  1. Excellent in water-resistant property.
  2. Not deteriorating light fastness and color.
Recommended items
Pretreatment agents for inkjet printcloth

Our PAA™/PAS have been widely used as a pretreatment agent for inkjet-printed cloth.

Cationic polymers prevent ink bleed into water by interacting with ink. And these have been received well in improving the color definition.

Please feel free to contact us about recommended items.

Recommended items
  • *The optimal item depends on the type of base materials (cloth/fabric) or ink you use. Please contact us first and discuss your requirements.
  • *Please use our products after checking the use conditions with preliminary tests.
  • *Contact us for more information on recommended items.
  • Allylamine polymer PAA
  • Polyamine series PAS
  • PAA ampholytic and PAS ampholytic