Using our polymer technology to open the way for future possibilities

In the Specialty Chemicals Division, while developing new polymer materials using our special polymer technology, we are at the same time developing the use of the materials in a wide range or areas.

Since the development in 1963 of PAS (polyaminesulfone) a product NITTOBO is proud of, it has been used in dye fixatives, steel plate acid-pickling inhibitors, plating auxiliaries, and as a fixative in sizing agents for neutral paper manufacturing, with a reputation for high quality and performance.

The "DANFIX" dye fixative enjoys the top share of the dye market.

Also, in 1983, NITTOBO became the first company in the world to succeed in the industrial production of PAA (polyallylamine), a polymer containing only primary amino groups, an achievement that caused a considerable stir worldwide.

Furthermore, the company succeeded in synthesizing amphoteric polymer molecules, and is now endeavoring to enhance the range of these polymer products, selling them as the "PAS series", the "PAA series" and the "Amphoteric series."

In recent years, by using the reactivity of the cationic and amino properties of these polymers, there has been a lot of development in the usage of these products over a wide range of areas including as ink-jet printer paper treatment agents, aldehyde absorbers and extrusion coatings for film, paint additives, ink additives, and various types of water treatment agents.

Developing polymer materials

Main applications of PAA, PAS polymers